Mobile Services are a cornerstone of our practice, providing convenient healthcare for horses at home, at show sites and in the field. Our veterinarians bring the benefit of their knowledge and experience, along with the newest diagnostic and therapeutic tools, directly to the patient.

Our mobile services include preventative care, lameness and pre- purchase exams, minor surgeries and numerous diagnostic procedures. Radiography, ultrasound, laser treatments, shockwave, acupuncture and dentistry are a few of the many services that can be administered at your barn or boarding facility.

Because our mobile practice covers a large area, ranging as far south as Big Sur, Cachagua and Lockwood; north to Woodside, Portola Valley and Pescadero; and as far east as Paicines, we always have two veterinarians on-call for mobile emergencies: one based in Woodside and one in the Salinas Valley.

Our Outpatient Clinic allows us to treat horses in a controlled environment and send them home the same day. An ideal place to do minimally- or non-invasive procedures, the clinic offers added safety and equipment that is not available in the field. It is ideal for laser mass removals or other standing surgeries, as well as diagnostic procedures that are difficult to perform in the field, such as abdominal x-rays, gastroscopy, upper airway endoscopy and in-depth ultrasound exams. Many dental procedures and tooth extractions can be done here on an outpatient basis.

Pre- purchase and lameness exams are often performed at our clinic to take advantage of the even soft and firm footing, level ground and a reliable power source for taking high-quality x-rays. Pre-purchase exams at the clinic give clients the opportunity to evaluate the temperament of the horse in a novel environment.

Our Hospital is one of the finest equine healthcare facilities in the nation, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed with an experienced team of equine veterinary specialists.

The hospital is open 24/7 – 365 days/year to receive sick horses referred by practices throughout the region. A veterinarian is on-site at all times to oversee in-patient horses, and a surgeon and anesthetist are always on-call for emergency surgeries.

With 4 intensive care stalls, an isolation stall, 10 box stalls, 8 paddocks, 10 mare-barn stalls and a neo-natal intensive care unit, our facility can accommodate over 30 hospitalized horses.