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Deworming Programs– One Size Does Not Fit All


Over the past several years, there has been a huge shift in the equine veterinary community’s thoughts on parasite prevention. It is difficult to pick up a horse magazine or browse an equine website these days without reading about parasite resistance. Parasite resistance to dewormers is increasing throughout the world, which is particularly concerning given the lack of new types of dewormers available. While there are many brand names, there are really only three main types of dewormer drugs, so we need to slow emerging resistance to them as much as possible.

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How to Collect Manure for a Fecal Egg Count

Horse faeces

When doing an FEC, it is important to wait the correct amount of time after the last dewormer was administered. So, if the last dewormer used was:

  • ivermectin: wait 12 weeks
  • moxidectin: wait 16 weeks
  • pyrantel salts: wait 8 weeks
  • fenbendazole or oxibendazole: wait 8 weeks

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